Mad Designer at work

Death Partners is making some big changes! Stay tuned!

Hey everyone! I know it may appear that Death Partners is dead and unfinished, but I am happy to inform anyone that will listen to me that Death Partners is very much not dead!

We have been working on it, admittedly, that work has been more irregular that I'd like. But this is our first experience making a comic, and I naively bit off much more than I could chew. So while the going has been slow, don't give up hope. I'm certainly doing my best not to.

We have all of the rough sequential art finished. I am in the process of cleaning them up and inking them. Then the arduous task of coloring! (That's my least favorite part.)

I apologize to our readers for the prolonged absence. I have no excuse. But I can't wait to share this completely revitalized, remastered, and expanded version of Death Partners with you all!