Sailor Moon (drumroll) Crystal!

     Okay! On the rare occasion that I like to be wrong, I try to be a big person. This time though, I don’t even have to try! I am just so excited to see the first image from the supposedly impending Sailor Moon reboot that I don’t care if I am wrong.

It's really happening!

     Aside from the leaked key image, we also learned that the new Sailor Moon will be called Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon Crystal has been promoted to us as a more faithful adaptation of the original manga, and it seems that manga influence is even taking precedence over the art. How exciting!
     The original production of the anime was happening concurrently with manga’s initial publication, and it seems that the race to stay up to date with the manga took a serious toll on the production values. While the music is uncannily enjoyable, the animation of the original Sailor Moon was often stilted and left plenty to be desired in the way of aesthetic appeal. It was ugly; there I said it!
     Though I still have mild fears that Sailor Moon Crystal will suffer from the same excessively sleek style as Precure and Saint Seiya Omega, it looks like I will be wrong about that too. I hope that I am!