Welcome to Death Partners!

We are really excited to be getting things off the ground with Death Partners. As with any creative endeavor, it hasn’t been the smoothest take off. Since we have teamed up with the awesome artist KNO21 though, things are moving along nicely. But, we don’t intend for Death Partners to be just a visual experience. We hope as it continues, it will become an increasingly integrated audio/visual experience.

So, our first foray into expanding the story’s universe into an audio format is the release of Absolute
Destiny Apocalypse performing live at Circle Seven, our cast’s nighttime haunt–ADA is Haughn’s band featuring the fiery Priscilla and the icy Q-ko on drums and keyboards respectively. Also, as each chapter progresses we will be releasing a score to accompany it, so keep an eye out for chapter one’s single in the next month.

Until then, go like us on Facebook and follow us on Tumblr to stay informed, and thank you for reading Death Partners!